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Services and training

Blomper provides technical services and training for its Industial printers, software and supplies.

We have many years of experience in the repair and maintenance of equipment of all brands. This helps you optimize your coding solutions.


Blomper provides a variety of maintenance programs that can be customized to fit customers’ needs. These contracts optimize productivity and ensure a much lower total equipment maintenance cost in the long term.

Preventive maintenance can be defined as the scheduling of equipment inspection activities, both for operation and cleaning and calibration, which must be carried out periodically based on a quality assurance and control plan. Its purpose is to prevent failures, keeping equipment in optimal operation.

The main characteristic of this type of maintenance is to inspect the equipment, detect failures in their initial phase and correct them at the appropriate time. With good preventive maintenance you gain experience in fault diagnosis and the safe operating time of equipment.

Basic and advanced training courses taught at the client’s facilities or in our company. This means optimal use of the capabilities of products from Blomper and other brands.

Telephone technical assistance in case of any problem that the equipment presents. A visit is not always necessary, just with a call we can guide you to solve the problem. In the case of a higher degree problem, we will arrange a visit within 24 hours. In the event that the repair requires its removal to our facilities for repair, Blomper will assist you with a back-up equipment so that you can continue with your production.

Alternative financing options designed to fit your needs. Rental solutions to suit all financing requirements, from simple projects to sophisticated large-scale installations.